Content and Themes

A. History and Society
The History of Islam in the Balkans and Muslim peoples
B. Scholars and Scholarship
Educational activities and levels of Islamic Sciences in the Balkans; Muslim scholars who became prominent in the Balkans and the works written on Islamic sciences.
C. Art and Architecture
The development of Islamic arts in the Balkans, types of art and artists. The examples of Islamic art in the Balkans, and the architects.
D. Sufism (Tasawwuf) and Literature
Sufi movements and Sufi life in the Balkans, the takkas. Sufi music, the works written on tasawwuf. The scholars and their books, the poets and their works.
E. The Experience of Coexistence
The coexistence experience of Balkan Muslims with the members of other religions in peace, and the Islamic background of this experience.
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