Aim and Scope

Along with the influence of Islam on the Balkans and the Balkan peoples throughout the ages, many important achievements have been attained in almost all fields pertaining the human being. Due to its geographical condition, the Balkans is of great significance in view of reflecting the Islamic experience in Europe. Moreover, it constitutes an indispensable chain of the History of Islam as well as the Islamic understanding in Anatolia that forms the spiritual basis of the mentioned experience.
Throughout the historical course, the perception of Islam established by the Anatolian wisdom, which is manifested as the common mind of the Central Asia, Anatolia and the Balkans, not only undertook a unitive role on the basis of justice and tolerance for the Balkan nations but also became a decisive element in the formation of cultural and civilizational codes of the Balkans. Thus, the concerns and studies on the historical experience of the Balkans would convey the previous achievements to this day and to the future, and it would serve as a mission for keeping the human values alive.
To this end, Trakya University has a high opinion of revealing and maintaining the Anatolian understanding of Islam in its various aspects in that “the Balkans” constitutes an important part of its mission and vision. Within this framework, we are planning to organize an international symposium entitled “The Balkans and Islam” on 3rd-5th October 2019 led by Trakya University Faculty of Theology under the guidance of Trakya Universities Association (TUB) and in cooperation with The Foundation For Research In Islamic Sciences (ISAV).
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